Five Smart Things to Know About Your Donors Right Now

woman holding purse

Now is a fantastic time to accelerate your gift-asking strategy.  Here’s why.  1.  Your donor probably has a portfolio full of appreciated stock.  If your donor has money invested in the market right now, he could have stocks up 100%, 200%, or even 300% from their original purchase price.  (In fact, if he DOESN’T have…

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What I Learned from the Tooth Fairy

nonprofit lessons from the tooth fairy

When my kids were in elementary school, I so enjoyed playing the part of the tooth fairy.  At our house, the tooth fairy left a dollar coin for each tooth.  For my kids, this was a “whole dollar” to spend or save and really cool coinage that didn’t usually show up in mom’s purse.   But,…

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Seven Simple Things to do Right Now to Increase Board Engagement

Nonprofit boards can be hard.  And leading this group of essential volunteers can feel like herding cats.  A long-term board engagement strategy is always my best recommendation.  But in the short run, here are few tips to help board chairs get started on the journey.  1) Read your mission statement out loud:  At. Every. Single.…

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Parking Lot Conversations

two people talking in a parking lot

I’ve been trying to put my finger on exactly what I’m missing since the world shut down last spring.  Except for a few days wondering about toilet paper supplies, all my basic needs have been met.  Most of my nonprofit clients are operational, and I can work via email and phone.  So, why then, do…

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For Pete’s Sake, ASK!

I’m still not sure who Pete is. But he makes a very good point about asking donors for financial support during the pandemic.  As fundraising professionals, we may need to rethink how quietly we are collectively sitting. I have run into many nonprofits who are frustrated by a decline in revenue numbers.  “Our sponsorship donations…

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The Pink Shoe Posse

I was once asked to work with a nonprofit which held an annual outdoor dog performance show (think frisbees and obstacles courses) as a fundraiser.*  The event had been historically volunteer-managed and raised about $20K per year, but had grown stale and needed a new strategy for growth.  After the dog show chairman and I…

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Marketing for Churches? A Wedding Venue Case Study


A friend of mine lamented that couples aren’t getting married in churches anymore.  I didn’t think much about this until my own daughter started planning her wedding.  The differences in our experiences at private venues and churches were rather eyebrow-raising…and got me thinking…should these churches be thinking about “marketing” their wedding opportunities? First, we visited…

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